Family Law and Legal Representation

The big difference between a legal information and legal advice is that the latter is given only by a lawyer. Besides giving legal advice, a lawyer is licensed to provide representation to different entities such as the family, commercial, corporate and to litigation procedures involving criminal law, estate disputes, building and construction and defamation. Lawyers such as no-fault divorce Australia are also mandated to protect the legal rights of separating couples pertaining to children custody and property separation. In situations where members of the family have legal issues, a lawyer skilled and knowledgeable in Family Law Act provides the best legal advice.

What does the Family Law Act provides?


Australia’s family law has working system that helps people resolve different legal issues involving relationship in the family including family relationship breakdowns resulting to divorce and dissolution of marriage. The Family Act Law also specifically states types of

family or divorce lawyers that provide legal representation to any divorce cases. In Australia Family Act, there is a provision for no-fault divorce. It provides that the court doesn’t consider why the marriage broke down but mandates that couples have been separated for twelve months and there’s no way for reconciliation from both parties.  A No-fault divorce Australia handles divorce cases where neither the wife nor the husband has done wrong that caused the breakdown. Providing legal assistance on no-fault divorce, the divorce is filed under circumstances as the one filing regards Australia as home, an Australian by birth, descent or grant and has lived in Australia at least a year before filing.

The Family Act Law also provides a system where family can go to resolve family relationship issues without going to the court such as the Attorney-general department. Either the separating couple is filing a no-fault divorce or with a no-fault divorce Australia, acting as legal counsel or without, the Attorney-General Department imposes the implementation of the system accordingly.

Protection of children

Children are also protected under the Family Law as it focuses on the protection of the children and responsibilities that each parent has toward their children such as provision for education, housing, protecting children from any family violence and the role of identifying which families are at risk. Under family Act, divorce lawyers acting as legal counsel for couples must advice them on superannuation splitting law provisions in order to understand their protection of rights and interest in regards to dividing their properties.

For further information on family relationship disputes and legal representation, consult a lawyer who is well-versed on family Act law.

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