An Eye on the Story: Bringing Together Art and Nature

The world is full of interesting places to discover and captivating stories to tell. Abraham Joffe takes this to heart and goes where most people dare not go. With his team, he pushes the envelope of documentary making and goes close to where the real action is: the wild.

Braving adverse climate and far-flung locations, he and his team venture far into the heart of the vast natural landscapes of our planet. As a cinematographer/producer/director, Abraham Joffe takes the viewer as near to his subjects as he can. He capably bridges the gap between the TV screen and the natural world.

A Gifted Storyteller

When it comes to telling stories, every filmmaker has his/her own take on the matter. Abraham Joffe’s style is raw, emotional. As director/cinematographer, he lets the subject draw in the viewer, using only natural light to take stunning footages. In “Ghosts of the Arctic”, he follows Joshua Holko, a polar photographer, on his personal pursuit to search for and document polar bears.

On location, in Svalbard, Norway, Joffe translates the beauty of the atmosphere to film. He allows viewers to feel and experience the bleak, yet icy beauty firsthand. He braved the freezing winds together with his photographer subject and captured the stark and barren landscape of the arctic. Not seen onscreen though, is the fact that Joffe and his team suffered greatly for their art. They lived through agonizing frostbite, subsisted on freeze dried food and cold coffee and wrestled with their frozen and often broken equipment. They did all these just to complete and breathe life to their stunning documentary short. Their efforts were not futile.

They spent three long days on the trail of a polar bear that left fresh tracks on the snow. Their hard labours were justly rewarded with the rare sighting of not one, but two polar bears. The two bears, a mother and her cub, are shown frolicking in the snow. The younger one seems to be having the time of its life, while the older one looks on, pensive and on guard. She is ready to pounce at any sign of a stranger or danger to herself and to her baby.

Dwindling in numbers, the polar bear is oft sought after by the world’s avid photographers. Yet, only to a relative few do they manifest themselves. This truth makes “Ghosts of the Arctic” a true treasure, not only for those who made it, but also for those who are privileged to watch it.

It takes skill and talent combined in order to come up a perfect photo. A trait that Abraham Joffe has. Visit

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