Types of Professional Beauty and Cosmetic Treatments Available in Australia

Wondering where to go for your beauty treatment? If you’re having skin issues such as scars, ugly and fading tattoo or wanting to enhance body parts, here are skin treatments that are readily available in all parts of Australia.

Laser procedures for skin

skin_care3Deep scars left by stubborn acne are best removed by skin treatments using lasers. Lasers for skin include laser resurfacing that uses laser to remove damaged skin. Once the wounded area is healed, new skin grows. This type of laser treatment is best for damaged skin on the face, thighs, and arms. On one hand, tattoo removal uses laser resurfacing in getting rid of ugly tattoo, ugly pigmentation or color that had caused defect in the skin. This type of laser treatment for skin is readily available in many parts of Australia and some salon and spa clinics offer it. However, it is best to have it done by professionals in hospitals or licensed clinics to avoid serious complications. Although laser resurfacing is among the safest, unhealthy procedure done by unlicensed and unprofessional practitioners may cause expensive damage to one’s health as well as pocket.

Wrinkles are another skin issues that can be treated with laser skin treatment. Newer development in laser technology allows a more non-ablative laser resurfacing to be available. The good things about it is healing time is faster and risks are much lower than it used to be. The downside is it has to be repeated more often and the result is more subtle compared to ablative laser resurfacing.

Non-laser treatment

Other than laser, there are skin treatments device that uses radiofrequency and procedures like dermabrasion, face-lift, and skin tightening. These procedures use heat to either tighten the skin or remove damaged skin surface and allow new layer of skin to grow. Complications include swelling, stinging sensation and redness. Results take some time to develop unlike in laser hair removal, the result is moderate and temporary.

Medications and drugs

Cosmetic procedures using chemical and drugs to address skin problems are the likes of Botox where a chemical called Botulinum toxin is injected in small doses into the muscles and keep them from contracting. It results to preventing the skin from tightening thus the areas injected appears to be smoother. Other substances used as soft tissues fillers are collagen, fat, and hyalluronic acid gel. They are injected into the deeper skin on the face to smoothen wrinkles. Since most produce temporary and moderate results, there’s the need to have the procedure repeated.

Beauty and cosmetic industry is among top-earners in Australia; proving that Australians care about looks and they’re willing to spend to look and feel good.

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