Best Locker Solutions in Australia – Offering Great Choices and Options

gym_lockers2Lockers are used in schools, offices, and facilities for storage purposes. Lockers in Sydney, school lockers in particular, are made of metal, wood and HDPE, and offering fitting storage solutions for students.

A typical school locker measures about five feet and one foot wide and one foot deep. This kind of school locker allows students to store their things neatly. A box style ridge standard metal from lockers in Sydney is 6 feet high and constructed with 16 gauge steel and usually gray, tan and blue colors.

School lockers that are painted metals are common options for school lockers. Lockers made of painted metals are considered of low-cost option but a standardized product. While metal school lockers are a popular choice, there are several issues regarding them. One is; painted metal lockers are susceptible to dents and other damages. Sometimes, paint is damaged so corrosion and rust is common. However, lockers in Sydney use high quality paint to ensure paint stay longer and metals are well-protected from corrosion and rust and are constructed in a way paint won’t easily scrape away when wet boots are placed on the bottom. Security features such as locking system is of high quality and yet easy to use.

School lockers for K-12 students should be strong enough to hold up to heavy daily use and abuse. Construction should match school hallways and building designs in order not to consume much space and not to disturb or interrupt users’ mobility. Lockers in Melbourne in particular are introducing additional features that work well where lockers are located and in improving indoor quality. Most are made of HDPE or materials with high density polyethylene. This is in compliance with the green building demands and government regulations such as fire codes.

School lockers made of plastic and wood offer alternative choices for metal lockers. These lockers avoid the noisy issue of metal lockers. Plastic and wood lockers have notable low noise level and lockers in Perth have specialty lockers that are right for a school environment or locations with demands for quiet environment such as churches.

Materials used are very important in locker’s choice. Metal lockers are durable and economical. Plastic is best if used in areas with high amount of humidity as plastic is water-resistant. For areas requiring refine and elegant look, wood lockers work best. They’re best for spas, fitness and gym facilities, and country clubs and in areas where sophistication and style is required.

With available best locker solutions in Australia, locker lovers have plenty of choices and options to enjoy.

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