Current Trends in Wedding Photography and Videography that Photographers and Videographers are Adopting in Creating Beautiful and Unforgettable Weddings


Wedding photographers and videographers in Sydney generally work hard in bringing out their best in capturing and creating wedding memories last a lifetime. In doing so, they are always on the lookout for the newest trends and adopt one or two to deliver the kind of wedding their client wants. Wedding cinematography and still photography are the hottest trends that many photographers and videographers are currently adopting. In addition, here are some of the other current trends we’ll be definitely seeing on their coming works.


Not only videographers get great advantages from drone range as photographers  also enjoy  vantage point in capturing images specially on scenes that photographers have a hard time taking  shots while standing on one spot or when taking shots at different perspectives. Drones may not give the best clarity but shots can be fun and unique. Drones also allow videographers to be more creative in their shots specially when engaged in wedding cinematography.

Editorial style shots

Editorial style shot is using flattering lighting and paying close attention to details in creating visual impacts in brides and grooms’ portraits and images.  Wedding photographers and videographers in Sydney and in other Australian states are adopting this trend and shot brides and grooms in perfect moments to look glamorous, beautiful and having great expression. Wedding videos and photos are as if coming straight out of a magazine or a movie scene. It is the trend to have the bride and groom looking and feeling like celebrities or movie stars.

Smoke bombs

Expect to see more wedding photos and videos with smoke bombs effects. The effects aren’t done in post editing but in actual shots where photographers use colored smoke bombs, which give photographers some opportunities to show off creativeness.

Film Photography

Wedding photographers are adopting film photography in weddings and are using analog cameras and negative films in producing softer and more flattering wedding photos. Compared to digital images, works of videographers in wedding cinematography, images are with lighter color and tones. So far, this trend is attracting a lot of couple, and it looks like, with great demand, photographers and videographers adopting film photography will be in demand. Bride portrait shots using film photography has painterly feel or painted from a scene from wedding films.

Wedding photographers and videographers in Sydney, Melbourne and in Australia are passionately obsessed in doing great weddings. Thus, adopting these current wedding trends allows them to stay as passionate and fervent in creating beautiful and unforgettable weddings.

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