Fire Safety Practices at Home

The incidence of fire can surely set your family back off track. To avoid any troubles that such calamity may bring, it is best that you prepare your home with fire maintenance and safety procedures. You will never know when it strikes and when it does, you will only have a minute or two to escape to safety. That is why knowing exactly what to do could mean the difference between life and death.


Just like with huge buildings and establishments, home fire maintenance protection may depend on various factors. You have to take into consideration the number of family members in the household and how many of them are children or persons with disabilities or senior citizens. Those who are not physically and mentally fit to take part in the escape plan will be considered liabilities that need to be properly addressed when the plan is being drafted.

Then, there is the addition of fire alarm systems to the home security measures. Smoke detectors, fire alarms, extinguishers, and other tools may be added to the household. In case the unforeseen event occurs, it will be well equipped to control the situation. It is very important that those systems be not simply built to serve their purpose. They must be part of a fire maintenance routine wherein they will be checked periodically if they are still as functional as they were new.

Planning and Practicing are Key Elements

To successfully control any possibility of fire-related injuries, laying down an effective plan and practicing it with the family members are crucial. It is not enough that you have an able fire protection system installed at home. It is a requirement that you know how to utilise it to protect your family and your property as well.

First, plan an escape route from the rooms to the main doors and towards the outside of the house. If your house is small, a single plan might suffice but if it is possible, at least have an alternative plan, which you can use as a backup if the original escape route did not work.

Second, let your family members know of the plan. Familiarise each of them what must be done if a fire incident occurs. Assign the abled members a specific responsibility, whether it is handling a fire extinguisher or assisting a family member escape to safety.

The effectiveness of fire protection in Sydney relies on cooperation and coordination among the members of the family.

There are incidences that cannot be controlled. One instance is fire. Fire can be prevented though when the premise has a regular fire maintenance or inspection. Get the services of

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