Want to DIY Your Wedding Video Production? Here’s How

The price for wedding video production has been increasing constantly due to many factors. Couples don’t have control over this one, and since the wedding ceremony alone already costs a lot of money, it is normal for couples to find ways to cut their budget and allocate somewhere it truly matters. Professional wedding videos are worth your attention, and in case you don’t have the funds to spare for such a service, there’s still nothing to worry about because this article is for you. Here, we will talk about DIY wedding production and if any couples can do it.

First off, it is important to set some limits and expectations. Professional wedding production companies are light-years far from an ordinary human’s capability in making a whole production, that’s why it’s important to manage your expectations.

While you won’t be near a wedding filmmaker’s full potential, it is still possible to make an appealing and very interesting wedding video production all by yourself, or with the help of some people, as well.

Gathering equipment

First, you need equipment. A wedding videographer in Sydney would use top-of-the-line videography equipment, but that costs a lot of money, and you don’t have time to think about that. Resorting to mid-range DSLR cameras is more than enough, and using an iPhone or an Android phone as a backup capturing device is also possible.

It is important to take note that professional wedding videos aren’t looking great because of the equipment, but rather because of the control and command of the videographer. That’s why if you manage to put some time into learning some basic and advanced videography techniques, you’ll be able to pull off some interesting angles and also reveal scenes that are hardly even noticeable behind the camera.

Software and editing

Post-production will also be in your care, so you’ll need software for editing. Nowadays, there are a ton of free editing software in the market, but we still recommend going for something that is paid for since it offers more freedom and has a lot of tools that will make the production a lot sharper and faster. Professional wedding videos look stellar and stunning because of excellent post-production techniques, so if you managed to use some of them by learning for some time, then you’ll have no problem at all.

All of these however are under the speculations that you’re able to learn fast and adapt to unfavorable circumstances. That’s why if you’re not that comfortable, we highly recommend that you hire someone to do it instead. It might be very expensive to avail, but trust upon our words when we say that it’s worth it.

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