Where to Find the Best and Authentic Lebanese Chicken Charcoal?

Falafel, tahini and chicken charcoal are now part of Australian food. These are Lebanese foods that through the years through migrants Lebanese have to capture the palates and hearts of many Australian families. If one craves for falafel or tahini or chicken charcoal, he goes to a Lebanese restaurant to enjoy a plateful of a delicious, aromatic and flavorful dish.

The best chicken charcoal

There is always a debate where’s the best charcoal chicken in Sydney. One will point to his favorite chicken charcoal restaurant and claims it is the best charcoal chicken ever in all Australia while one will fight for the claim with his neighborhood chicken charcoal stand. Whatever there is always a winner especially when the recipe is directly from a Lebanese restaurant that has been serving the chicken dish for years.

Lebanese chicken charcoal

The Chinese also have a chicken cook and broiled in charcoal but it is the Lebanese who started the craze in many Sydney’s suburbs. The recipe is handed from generation to generation of Lebanese migrants in Australia. It is a fact that it was the Lebanese who built the first chicken shop in Sydney and dominated the chicken charcoal for years. Most of the chicken recipe is closely guarded secret and prepared by a Lebanese chef. Most of the recipe is of Family’s pride that makes people lining to get a plateful of this delicious chicken sided with the famous garlic sauce and the pita bread.

Only from authentic Lebanese food stands and restaurants

If asked where the best chicken charcoal is, there is no doubt it is from a Lebanese chicken stand or restaurant. This is because Lebanese incorporate a lot of herbs and spices to the chicken marinate. The aroma and flaky and juicy chicken make a good dish to any hungry stomach.  However Lebanese food in Sydney is not limited to chicken charcoal but also there is fresh bread, vegetable salads glazed with Olive oils and spices and herbs and cuts of lambs and beef. Lebanese menus in restaurants include Hummus, Baklava, Shawarma, kibbeh, and fattoush.  Lebanese chicken stand and restaurants are never empty and there are always people lining to get a table or grab an on-the-go pack of Lebanese treats. They are the favorite for family bonding and gatherings during Sundays and holidays.

Strolling along with any Sydney’s suburbs, there is one or two Lebanese restaurants with people lining to get seated for an authentic Lebanese menu or a pack of the best chicken charcoal ever to fill and satisfy their hungry stomach.

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